Removing the Fear of Volume Recruitment

Removing The Fear Of Volume Recruitment

There are currently 1.3 million students attending a higher education institution in Australia. The most recent figures from the AAGE stated there were 14,600 law graduates in Australia alone. Imagine being the HR specialist for a mid-size law firm, carrying out the recruitment process for only a handful of graduate positions, yet being flooded with thousands of resumes.

Due diligence would require an enormous amount of time sorting through applications and reducing the talent pool, but the only thing slow graduate processes result in is missed hires. How can you ensure you aren’t wasting resources and time?

At Chandler Macleod People Insights, we project manage volume and graduate recruitment processes and give HR specialists the confidence that they are getting it right. From attraction to assessment and evaluation, and all the way through to selection, Chandler Macleod People Insights (CMPI) can help your organisation at every stage of the recruitment process.

Do you know what the true cost of a poor hire is to an organisation?

Each ineffective hire can cost an employer between 50% and 60% of an employee’s salary. So at the national average salary of $78,8321, each poor hire that doesn’t meet the role or culture requirement can cost your business $39,416 – $47,299 when you consider the cost of recruitment, training and lost productivity. If you are consistently making ineffective hires, the cost to your organisation can be substantial, and damaging in the long-term. Without the proper approach and systems needed to handle high volume recruitment, an HR team may resort to arbitrary selection methods. This can result in unconscious bias and subjectivity, which can result in ineffective, short-term hires which will ultimately hurt your business.

Using CMPI’s innovative Gateway platform, we induct applicants in a cost-effective manner using the very best psychometric assessments. Our best-practice assessment centres can empower any organisation to recruit the right people and develop them in a way that increases productivity and organisational performance.
Throughout the recruitment process, CMPI provides:

  • Volume recruitment candidate management systems

  • Valid and reliable online psychometric assessments

  • Reliable, proven, and evidence-based assessment centres

  • Centres designed and facilitated by CMPI psychologists

  • Behaviour interview facilitation and interviewer training

  • A single point of contact for applicants

  • A seamless candidate experience

Why choose Chandler Macleod People Insights

By applying our comprehensive assessment methodology, we can manage large numbers of applicants and apply preliminary cognitive and behavioural testing that eliminates unsuitable candidates, and allows us to target a smaller, more viable talent pool. Typically, these assessment and recruitment activities include psychometric testing, behavioural interviews, and assessment centres.

By contracting an independent assessment service provider, you significantly reduce unconscious bias and subjectivity, removing the risk of complaints surrounding the recruitment process. Our BestFit™ formula utilises multiple assessors to find the best person for the position, eliminating any notion of unfairness throughout the process.

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