Six Tips to Get Through the Tough Days at Work

Six Tips To Get Through The Tough Days At Work

It happens to us all from time to time. Nothing seems to be going your way, deadlines get moved forward at work, public transport never runs on time, kids refuse to cooperate. The list can go on and on.

The only thing that can fix your bad day is you, here are some tips from Chandler Macleod to get out of the funk and back to being you.

1. Go for a walk

Stretch those legs, staying cooped up at your desk, stressing about things that are out of your control won’t result in anything positive. Some may say they don’t have the time to go for a stroll, but even walking to fill your water bottle or grab a coffee counts. Try going to a shop or store that’s further away from your usual spot to stretch it out. Stress has been shown to cause muscular tension, headaches, and fatigue; so, have a stretch when you’re out of the office and get your circulation flowing.

2. Re-organise yourself

Piles of paperwork cluttering your desk? Draws filled with receipts and rubbish? Bag scattered with loose change and stationary? A messy desk may not be the cause of your issues, but taking the time to reorganise and clean it can be a great distraction and is incredibly cathartic. You’ll feel reenergized and motivated to attack your work for the rest of the day.

3. Evaluate the situation

Once you have calmed yourself and feel less stressed about the situation, evaluate what happened. Reflect on what events led to the issue that is causing you stress, if you can identify the source, you can then future-proof and prevent it from happening again. Make sure you write out what has taken place, if you feel the need send it in an email to someone and get their feedback. This reflection can also help you plot out your next step, and better equip you to resolve the issue.

4. Switch it up

Focusing on just the one project is an easy way to stress yourself out, particularly if the project is of a large scale. Rest your mind and try and complete smaller projects, or parts of other projects to remove the monotony. Sometimes it’s not just rest that’s needed, but a change of pace.

5. Communication is key

Talk to those around you, your supervisor, coworkers, or supporting team. Allow them to understand the situation, and you’ll be surprised with how responsive they can be. They may offer help, solutions, advice, or even just lend an ear to listen and allow you to vent. Not only can this be therapeutic, but communicating the issues you are facing to your team is the responsible thing to do, it gives them a heads up so they won’t be blindsided if your issue becomes theirs down the line.

6. Try not to take your work home with you

It’s important to talk about your day, but don’t let it consume you. Get everything off your chest as soon as possible, then resume living your life. Exercise, eat, relax, try to be positive and happy and it will infect those around you.

One of the most important rules for surviving in the modern workplace is to not take what happens at work personally. People can overreact, it’s not a reasonable excuse for acting out, but everyone has bad days. Don’t let just one day get you down, try and turn that bad day into a great week.

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