Chandler Macleod Group's Gender Story

International Womens Day 2017 Our Story

The Chandler Macleod Group prides itself on having an inclusive and diverse workplace.

With International Women’s Day on the 8th of March, now is a better time than ever to be introspective and self-evaluate our performance and efforts towards equality. These statistics are based on our own in office findings in Australia.

  • 65% of our workforce are female, compared to 46.2% of the total workforce in Australia

  • Since 2014, CMG has reduced the average gender pay gap by 3%. The Australian average over the same period was 0.7%

  • In the last year, 38 women were promoted, whereas 32 men were promoted

  • 83 of our female staff accessed flexibility via purchased leave

  • 66 women enjoyed parental leave, with 3 being promoted on their return

  • 23% of our female staff access a form of flexible working arrangement

  • Males and females have the same average length of service at CMG – 5.6 years

  • 21/30 of our most recent hires were female

  • 16 of the 30 longest serving employees at CMG are female

  • Our longest serving employee is female (29.5 years)

This isn’t a pat on the back, CMG as well as Australia, still has a long way to go before we can say there is real equality in our workforce. But we are proud of the efforts and achievements of both our male and female staff, in making our workplace a more diverse, equal, safe, and happy place.

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