The Benefits of Supporting Career Transition for Organisations

The Benefits of Supporting Career Transition for Organisations

The Australian Outplacement Review (2012) suggests that only 11% of companies are using traditional in-person career transition services in Australia, while 83% use a mix of virtual and live or only virtual services. HR professionals often report to us that they don’t really understand the value of a career transition support service very well. Do you know the value to the company of supporting an ex-employee through outplacement?

Our experienced team of Career Coaches are finding that people utilising career transition programs are in much better places personally and professionally by having that key career coaching input.

One of our Senior Consultants took a call from a manager who wanted to take up his company’s offer of career transition/outplacement coaching. He was motivated to sign up because he wanted to revisit his career direction, but he told the consultant that most of his colleagues “didn’t bother with it”. The consultant was quite surprised at this comment.


34% of companies that engaged in career transition services reported productivity improvements

Australian Outplacement Review, 2012


What is career transition coaching, and what are the benefits to the individual?

Career transition coaching can be a key part of successfully transitioning to a new job. It is a chance to reflect on your career, take stock of where you have been and get real clarity on what will bring value to your life moving forward. It is about more than just getting a job; it’s about getting the right job. A job that will provide a sustainable and enjoyable next chapter in your life. It’s important stuff.

We often liken career transition coaching to consulting a financial advisor about investing a large sum of money. You would not just leave your money in the bank, especially at today’s rates. You would get the best professional advice available. The same applies to your career. With outplacement coaching you are investing time in your career success by sitting down with a professional to get some sound, and most importantly, independent advice on the best way forward. They can also support you in developing and implementing your own customised career plan and keep you on track to implement it.

In addition, the outplacement coach can help to format your resume and cover letters, so that they become effective marketing tools which uniquely tell your story; about where you have been, and where you want to go next. Many resumes look more like an inventory of every position held, rather than a career marketing document, so getting your resume right is a clear benefit of career transition coaching.

The key benefits to the individual are:

  • Reflect on your career and get clarity on what will bring value moving forward

  • Get the right job – not just a job

  • Invest time in your career success with a professional

  • Get independent, trustworthy advice

  • Get help formatting resumes and cover letters

With many companies willing to pay for outplacement services, it seems like a missed opportunity to not at least give it a try. The strategic career advice on offer can be invaluable in ensuring your next move and gives a great return on investment. After all, it may be the only difference between no job, a lesser paid job, a job at the same pay, or a job with more money. With such high stakes at risk, what have you got to lose? Employees that engage in career transition coaching are seen in a very positive light by future employers, in what can be an extremely trying time.

What are the benefits of career transition coaching to the employer?

  • Increased productivity – 34% of companies that engaged in career transition services reported productivity increases vs. 28% of those who didn’t engage in career transition services

  • Employee satisfaction of remaining employees increased by 38% compared to only 14% if the company elected not to provide career transition services

  • Sick days decreased by 28% for career transition buyers while only 18% for non-buyers

  • Protection of corporate brand and image

  • Reduced legal risk

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