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Preparing for a job interview can be stressful, especially when you have your heart set on the position.

We’ve all been there: pounding heart, sweaty palms, stumbling words. Interview jitters can happen to anyone – whether you’ve experienced one interview or 100.

Unfortunately, our learned lack of self-confidence is harmful at the most important times in life, like interviewing for a job you want and need.

Get That Job! Nine Ways To Interview With Confidence, Forbes 2013

Don’t let nerves get in the way of a great interview. These behavioural tricks will have you feeling (and looking) more confident as you walk through the door.

Practise Meditation and Mindfulness

Nerves can get the best of anyone during an interview. If you’re trying hard to hide your anxiety, you might find yourself struggling to answer questions confidently – or at all.

Meditation and mindfulness can help you relax and get your head in the right space. No, you don’t need to sit in silence with your legs crossed for hours on end; some simple breathing exercises and positive affirmations can go a long way.

Try This

  • Find a quiet place.

  • Sit or lie down, get comfortable, and be still.

  • Close your eyes.

  • Breathe slowly and consciously, and pay attention to how it makes your body move.

  • If you like, you can repeat a mantra such as I am confident and capable, or whatever works for you.

  • Do this for 5-10 minutes.

You can do this at home or even on your way to your interview (just be sure to skip the ‘close your eyes’ step!).

Mindfulness meditation has long been known as an antidote for anxiety.

How Does Meditation Reduce Anxiety at a Neural Level?, Psychology Today 2013

Be Conscious of Your Body Language

The success of your job interview doesn’t rest solely on the things you say. You should also be conscious of how you present yourself through your body language.

Before and during your interview, don’t just concentrate on the words. It’s important to be aware of what your handshake, posture, and eye contact is communicating. Albert Mehrabian’s 7-38-55 Rule of Personal Communication shows body language accounts for 55% of how we communicate. Positive body language will help create a positive impression – and help you seem more confident.

Research by the University of Melbourne shows a strong correlation between self-confidence and workplace success.

Try This

  • Maintain good posture by standing/sitting tall and keeping your shoulders back.

  • Greet your interviewer with eye contact, a smile, and a firm (but not aggressive)

  • Look your interviewer in the eye during your conversation.

  • Don’t fidget – rest your hands in your lap or on the table, and keep both feet flat on the floor.

  • Avoid folding your arms across your chest, as this can signify discomfort and insecurity.

  • Speak in a clear and controlled voice – don’t rush through your answers.

  • Smile when appropriate.

An American survey shows 67% of hiring managers named failing to make eye contact as one of the biggest mistakes to make during an interview, along with failing to smile (39%), having bad posture (30%), fidgeting too much (30%), and having a weak handshake (21%).

Being natural and confident with your body language can create a good first and lasting impression.

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