How To Resign And Keep Your Network Clean

Resign and keep network clean

Resigning from a position you’ve been in for some time can almost feel like a betrayal to your employer. Saying goodbye to a seasoned employee can be tough for some bosses, so it’s important to handle the process with some sensitivity – and etiquette.

The last thing you want is to destroy the valuable networks and burn the bridges you’ve spent time building while you’ve been in the position. Here’s how to resign and keep those bridges standing strong (and opportunities coming your way).

Tell Your Boss in Person

Don’t let your boss find out about your intention to leave through office whispers. The best way to break the news to your employer is to announce it to them in person. A phone call or email won’t cut it.

Yes, you will generally need to submit a formal letter of resignation for the sake of formality, but you should book in a personal conversation with your manager before handing in your letter or telling a chatty colleague about your departure plans.

Keep It Professional and Positive

This isn’t the time to air your complaints or scorn your manager or colleagues – even in your exit interview. No matter your reasons for leaving, remain professional and stay positive and constructive until the very end.

You could need them for a good reference, or even end up working with them again someday, so don’t make the mistake of leaving in bad spirits.


There is no upside to bashing the company you are exiting. None.

Dana Manciagli, author and global career expert


Offer to Stay and Train Your Replacement

Help make the transition as smooth as possible by offering to stay a little longer than your notice period (if your new position allows it) to train your replacement.

Your behaviour during your final weeks can have a large impact on your future references. Complete your handovers and tie up any loose ends, and don’t be tempted to take long lunches or use up your sick leave just because. This will be a huge help to the company and will leave a positive lasting impression.

Express Gratitude

Another easy way to leave a good impression is to express your thanks. Regardless of whether you’re jumping for joy or genuinely sad to leave, you should be grateful for the good parts, and let it be known.

Thank-you notes are a simple way to express gratitude to your manager, mentors, and colleagues.

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