How Christian Unleashed his Potential

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Meet Christian

Christian Larson is a husband, and dad to 3 girls under 10. His unique journey has brought him to Chandler Macleod as an electrician on one of our recent solar farm projects. However, when he became a trade qualified electrician in 2003, alongside his passion as a semi-professional water skier, he could not have imagined the direction his life would take.

Unleashing Blog Christian Larson

In 2007 Christian was competing in the Victorian Water Skiing Championships when he had an accident causing him to crash into the water going at around 160km per hour. He sustained multiple injuries including breaking both shoulders, a hip and a brain injury. He was in a coma for 2 months, and in hospital for 12 months.

Due to the injuries, he suffered a brain impairment which affected his right arm and right leg. Returning to work was a challenge, and he found it quite difficult to keep in steady employment due to his injuries. Due to the nature of his work, he found himself excluded from being able to do some of the expected work tasks.

When Christian applied to work with Chandler Macleod Group this year, he was very upfront with our consultants about his injuries and limitations. We recognised that Christian displays a quality which is not limited by his injuries, and that is grit. Christian has a ‘never give up’ attitude which makes him a perfect match to our Unleashing Potential philosophy.

Christian is currently employed onsite at one of our Victorian solar farm projects. His role as an electrician working with the QA team has been a perfect fit, and he says that the employment opportunity has given him personal satisfaction whilst providing for his young family.

We’re so proud to have helped Christian unleash his potential.

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