Is video conferencing a trend that is here to stay?

February 2021 (3)

With flexible work arrangements, virtual meetings have become the norm to replace face-to-face interaction. We have seen first hand just how rapidly technology has evolved this past year and with video conferencing used on a daily basis, what is now considered the digital workplace may well be a permanent change.

Although face-to-face interactions can never quite be replaced, the benefits of video conferencing are just too great to ignore.

Here are a few reasons why video conferencing is here to stay:

Less time consuming

Video meetings can cut down time in your day to leave room for other tasks. Scheduling meetings become a lot easier and faster as both parties will no longer have to spend time commuting to get to a location.


Reduced time-to-hire

Using video conferencing for interviews can greatly streamline the hiring process, especially if there are multiple interview rounds. With traditional interview methods, taking time off work to attend one interview (let alone multiple) can be a challenge itself for some candidates as not everyone can afford to take annual leave. By incorporating video interviews into your hiring process, candidates have a more flexible schedule and become available at a shorter notice and decisions by hiring managers can be made more efficiently.


Global reach

With remote solutions, people can work from just about anywhere (with a good internet connection) and you can virtually meet with anyone across the world. Whether you are meeting with your regional / global teammates or hiring international talent for a hard-to-fill role, video conferencing broadens your connections and enables you to work with people from any country.

The interactive nature of video conferencing is a great way to establish good relationships and build stronger connections for people you work alongside with who live in different locations.


Increased collaboration & productivity

Remote technology has advanced over the years and video conferencing tools are now more collaborative than ever. It can increase productivity as not only does it serve its purpose of virtual meetings, but software such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams can offer tools such as a shared workspace for accessing files, screen sharing, remote control, whiteboard etc. to give you the complete collaboration experience.


Better communication

Video conferencing can increase interactions and enhance communication with your team. Urgent tasks or project reviews can be accelerated by scheduling a quick video catch-up session. Compared to an audio conference where you can be easily distracted with other tasks (or just zoned out completely), seeing each other on video will also make you become more engaged and focused on the meeting.


When we eventually return to a normal work environment, face-to-face interaction is still important and in some instances, meeting in person can be more fruitful. However, as we move into a more agile workforce, the use of video conferencing tools alongside the more traditional methods can enhance productivity and efficiency for everyone.

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