Powerful marketing words to use for your brand

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​Powerful marketing words unique to your business can elevate your brand and attract more consumers. Depending on what service or product you provide, and what industry you are part of, your ‘perfect’ words will be different.

Words can be used for a variety of reasons. There are the most known and obvious words used in advertising to provoke emotion and action, which we will look at. There are also the less obvious, keywords, most often used in digital marketing to help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Firstly, let’s look at keywords.

Keywords are specific targeted words used to help improve your SEO and ensure that when people search a keyword relevant to your brand, your organisation will show up in their search. These are important words that you can place in posted content and most importantly, on your web pages to ensure potential customers are being directed to the most relevant information.

You want to use keywords that represent your company or product well, but that are also popular or common enough for potential customers to recognise. When we use keywords from common searches, we are more likely to appear higher up in a search.

To find keywords relevant to your business and to improve the keywords on your website you can use websites such as, Semrush, WordStream, or Moz.

Then there are emotive words

Emotive words are words we use to target consumers’ emotions to make them feel connected to what we are trying to communicate. We can also make people feel a sense of urgency, or curiosity to try and pique their interest.

Depending on the product or service, the best words to use will be different.

If you are trying to sell something positive that will make your consumer feel good, instead of saying, ‘Feel better with X’ you could be more emotive and say something like, ‘Be your most confident self with X’ or ‘Invigorate your life with X’. These are more exciting and often catch people’s attention as they seek to feel a certain way.

If you want to create urgency you would use phrases such as ‘don’t miss out!’ or ‘offer ends soon’.

If you want to pique curiosity you might use phrases such as ‘Discover more…’ or ‘Learn how to…’

Build trust with words

It is vital to create trust with your consumers. Words that create trust is helpful and honest information upfront without hiding key details in tiny writing.

Some other ways to increase trust could be:

  • Making guarantees and offering people their money back if the guarantee is not fulfilled.

  • Including legitimate testimonials

  • Leading people to more information such as a FAQ page

  • Offering to chat with a specialist or expert in your business

Lastly, action words!

Action words are things we say to encourage our consumers to purchase from us. There are so many phrases you could use, from being obvious with a ‘buy now’ button to being more subtle with a ‘start your journey with us today’ button. This really depends on your service and your business style. However, all advertising should have some kind of invitation to action so that the consumer knows the next best step to take if they are interested in what you have to offer.

Words are extremely powerful tools for your brand and can help to create meaningful and impactful relationships with your consumers. Be sure to choose your words wisely and to never promise anything you can’t back up!

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