​The impact of social media on E-Commerce

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Let’s start with the obvious: social media has had an incredible and positive impact on e-commerce.

There is a multitude of ways that social media allows brands the versatility, exposure, and communication channels to boost their sales and gain an abundance of loyal customers.

In this blog, we will look at how this is achieved.

More advertisement opportunity

Overall, advertising through social media for many e-commerce-based businesses expands their reach exponentially. Not only are they visible across multiple platforms, but they are also able to target their demographic. They can target their interests based on algorithms and data analysis, and increase the likelihood of converting clicks into sales.

On top of that, social media ads are cheaper than traditional marketing, and once you have reached a good number of followers and customers, even your organic posts can gain traction and convert to earnings.

Humanizes your brand

Social media posts can be very effective in engaging with potential consumers if done correctly. Showcasing your products using real-life models, sharing positive testimonials, demonstrating how to use your product, and actively engaging with customers on social media, can give your brand more authenticity and a more humanized approach in getting through to your target audience.

Open communication with consumers

Many platforms allow for one-on-one communication with consumers via messaging or chat bots. This allows convenience for the consumer and provides the company more feedback and it can help you resolve your customers enquiries promptly whilst also offering answers to questions for on-the-fence consumers.

More companies now also use chatbots which can generate more interaction with your customers while dealing with and solving multiple enquiries simultaneously and alleviating admin work at the same time. By enabling this method of communication with the consumer, you are able to build trust and likability which is a large factor in whether people will want to purchase your goods or services.

Brand building and awareness

Building your brand online is incredibly impactful. The more recognisable you are, the more reviews you have, the better your aesthetic appears and the more relatable you feel, are all factors that will draw people in to use your products or services. Many consumers want to see more before they buy, this is where social media profiles, especially Instagram and Facebook offer great benefits. Data shows that online stores with a social media presence have 32% more sales than stores not present on social media. (1)

Direct line and ease of access to check out

Most social media sites now have shopping functions making it easier and faster for consumers to be three clicks away from a purchase. Many have also integrated with e-payment platforms such as Shop Pay or PayPal which enables quick and secure transactions for both the seller and buyer.

Higher website traffic

Being active on more platforms increases your reach, and more people to view your links. Higher website traffic often occurs when you are active on social media channels, especially when promoting or participating in paid advertising.

Data analysis

Social media reporting allows us to see what ads and posts do well and what doesn’t. We can also see what organically works well too. This way, we can do more of what works and stop wasting time on content that isn’t as valuable to our customers or potential customers.

The power of sharing

There are about 5 billion people with access to the internet, many of them probably using some form of social media to communicate and share content with their friends or family. For people to see your post online and share it (even privately) increases your reach to those who may be interested but weren’t targeted, or to people who really need your products but weren’t aware of them. Social media is the modern, digital, ‘word-of-mouth’ which is one of the most effective marketing tools of all time.

​(1) “5 Ecommerce Social Media Stats That Online Storeowners Can’t Ignore,” BigCommerce

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