Job interviews can be nerve racking and can sometimes be hard to navigate. But we can help you to feel confident and prepared at your next job interview. Here are our top tips.


  • Do your research on the company including: their background/history, their services/products, their values, their culture, their leaders, their ‘why’, etc.

  • Think about why you like their business and company

  • Understand what you can offer them/where you can add value

  • Understand how you would be a good fit within their company

  • Research how far away they are and how you will travel there

  • Look up common interview questions, which you can find [here] and know your answers to things you might encounter

  • Think of questions you want to ask them

  • Make sure you tidy up and privatise your social media

Be Early

Aim to be about 10 minutes early. Punctuality is polite and can help with a good first impression. If there are unavoidable circumstances that will make you late, make sure to call and notify the recruiter or hiring manager.

Dress suitably

Dress appropriately for the job/company. Check out the company’s social media channels and understand how people dress in your industry. We suggest dressing as if it your first day on the job. Unless you are in construction. In the blue collar industry we recommend wearing semi-casual pants and a shirt for both male and female candidates.

Use their name

When meeting the hiring manager or recruiter, make sure you remember their name and use it in conversation. This builds rapport and shows respect. It can make you more likable.

Use positive body language and make eye contact

Using positive body language is so important. Avoid crossing your arms and hunching over. Use hand gestures and make eye contact as well as sitting up straight and being open. You want to make the person across from you feel comfortable, not unwelcome.

Build up your confidence

Try to behave confidently. The two tips above this can help with that! Also, remind yourself of how skilled you are and what you are capable of when it comes to learning quickly and being adaptable. Confidence can also shine through when you speak passionately and genuinely about the potential role and your job.

Tips for answering questions

  • Tell a story with your answers, especially when they ask for specific examples

  • If they ask what you know about the company, explain to them what you know with all the things you like about them (their values, their services, etc.)

  • Involve the company and their goals with your own goals

  • Answer questions succinctly and try not to ramble on

  • It’s okay to take a moment to think about an answer

Make sure you ask questions

Don’t forget to think of the questions you want to ask the hiring manager. An interview is a two-way conversation, you need to decide if they are right for you too. Make sure you have at least 3 – 4 prepared! And an extra in case the questions get covered during other parts of the conversation.

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