At Chandler Macleod, we believe that Psychometric Assessments are an integral part of the recruitment and development process and success. Psychometric Assessments provide employers with an objective view of who their employees/candidates are, how they are likely to perform, what drives them and how they will fit within a particular team and their organisation’s culture. In other words, our assessments help to achieve BestFit™ employees/candidates for the organisation which can result in better employee retention rates, help mitigate any risks associated with hiring and improve productivity.

Our Assessments are split into three broad streams:

  • Premium Assessments for Executive and Senior Leader roles

  • Blended Assessments for Middle Management and Graduate roles

  • Automated Assessments for workforce roles and volume recruitment projects. These can be administered using Assessment Gateway – the first of its kind in Australia.

We Assess:

  • Personality types and individual motivators

  • Abstract reasoning

  • Numerical reasoning

  • Verbal reasoning

  • Critical thinking, decision making and judgement

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Vocational preferences

  • Spatial reasoning

  • Mechanical reasoning

An assessment provider like no other

Chandler Macleod offers a range of bespoke Psychometric Assessment solutions to suit every role and organisation. Unlike other assessment providers we are vendor neutral. Our Registered Psychologists prescribe the most appropriate assessment based on your requirements using a combination of psychometric tests developed by global assessment providers as well as our own proprietary assessment tools. We also provide standard and custom reporting options including reports written by our Registered Psychologists.

With a 50 year long history of psychometric assessments, our provision of end to end HR and Recruitment solutions and being the largest private employer of Registered Psychologists in Australia – Chandler Macleod is like no other.

Assessing individuals, teams and organisations

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