You’re on a job search journey, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. We have a range of tips below that will set you up for your job hunt.

Update and cater your resume

Update your resume with your most recent information and job history. Have a generic resume on file and update it with relevant keywords and company names when applying for each individual role.

Clean up your digital footprint

Make sure there is nothing on your social media that could be easily found, misinterpreted or viewed negatively! More recruiters and hiring managers are referring to your social media channels to get more insight into your personality.

Do research on companies you are interested in

Doing research on your favoured companies even before you get an interview can help you tailor your resume as well as realise what those companies are looking for.

Narrow down the roles you want, and the skills and qualifications needed for them

Make sure you have clear goals in sight. This way, you can identify any further training or learning your might need to complete. You can also research and get updated on the most current industry expectations for these types of roles.

Reach out to your network

It never hurts to begin networking almost immediately when looking for a new job. You can reach out via phone, in person or on LinkedIn. Letting people know you are looking for work in a specific field may very well help open up opportunities for you.

Keep an eye out on social media

More and more recruiters are advertising roles on social media, both on Facebook and LinkedIn. It’s important to keep an eye out and apply to jobs through these avenues, especially if you are connected with the person posting the ad as they will recognise a familiar name or face.

Just start applying!

Once your resume and research is done and you’re feeling confident about your hard work, it’s time to start applying! It can help to set goals of how many jobs you want to apply for in a day. Applying for so many jobs can be draining and time consuming but with a goal you have a clear start and end to this process every day.

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