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Identifying and delivering on opportunities in a complex environment of legislation, market volatility and risk management requires an experienced approach to navigate the hurdles and drive growth – to help you focus on what you do best.

Chandler Macleod’s Managed Services are designed to deliver bottom line results while you deliver on your core business promise


Our services include:

  • Work Health & Safety: we have undertaken safety initiatives with a range of clients including (but not limited to) Industrial, FMCG, Mining and Energy, Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics and many office-based or white collar environments. The impact of our involvement is a significant reduction in the number and severity of work related injuries, improved workplace culture, and increased WH&S accountability across all levels of the client’s operations. Our work in Safety takes in all levels of staff, from front line workers through to senior management.

  • Workforce Planning: workforce planning is about helping you to shape your workforce to ensure that it’s capable of delivering your organisational objectives – now and into the future. At Chandler Macleod Asia, we assist clients in aligning human resource strategies within a strategic planning framework to continually deliver the right people in the right places at the right time. This approach enables our clients who face intense competition for talent to achieve successful business outcomes and cope with rapidly changing market conditions.

  • Contractor Services: utilising Chandler Macleod’s Contracting service mitigates employment risks, while giving the benefit of dealing with one supplier rather than with the individual contractors. By quickly ramping up and down the numbers of contractors on a project, a client can overcome peaks and troughs in a project’s life cycle – at the same time as fully utilising their existing workforces. Partnering with Chandler Macleod provides a client access to a range of qualified staff, that may not already be in their network.

  • Local & Regional Sourcing: we utilise a range of sourcing strategies and techniques designed to attract the maximum number of suitable candidates from the local and regional markets. This includes multi-media targeted advertising, involvement in community initiatives, targeted search, and workforce mobility. Chandler Macleod has extensive experience in the creation and management of local talent pools which can be mobilised at short notice to fulfil client requirements.

  • International Sourcing: through careful selection of skilled overseas labour, Chandler Macleod can provide teams of highly skilled workers to cover skilled labour shortages. International sourcing can be used to meet a one off, high skill need or to meet a bulk labour requirement. We have networks of international affiliates to assist us with this process.

  • Career Management: we offer a range of Career Management services for managers and employees facing organisational change, restructure or redundancy allowing you to take a planned approach and clearly develop a career pathway for the future. Our Career Management solutions encompass Succession Management, Change Management, Executive Coaching and Outplacement.

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