Graduate & Volume Talent Solutions

​Pioneers in human and organisational behaviour for almost 60 years, our consultants tailor your recruitment strategy to align with your organisational goals. Our Graduate & Volume solutions are delivered in conjunction with our Chandler Macleod People Insights team who combine psychology and technology to give you insights that unleash potential.

We provide:

  • volume recruitment candidate management systems

  • online psychometric assessments

  • reliable, proven, objective assessment centre design and facilitation

  • behavioural interview facilitation and interviewer training

  • solutions to attract the best talent

  • single point of contact for applicants and seamless candidate experience

As a result of our deep capability in Volume Recruitment, Chandler Macleod is ideally positioned to offer:

  • Unparalleled capacity to design and deliver a best practice process;

  • A smooth, professional candidate experience;

  • A ‘high value for high volume’ investment model;

  • Volume recruitment methodologies which are streamlined, innovative and demonstrate a history of success in meeting project deliverables and timelines;

  • Technology and systems compatible with all aspects of delivery;

  • Online testing options adaptable to roles or roles types/ levels;

  • Incorporation of RecruitAbility and Indigenous streams where needed;

  • Suitable venues to ensure high numbers of candidates can complete multiple face-to-face activities involved in the recruitment process; and

  • A focus on continual improvement of processes to leverage developments or incremental learning to enhance efficiency from campaign to campaign.

Best Fit Talent

Chandler Macleod’s BestFit™ methodology underpins our candidate selection, recruitment and development process. We recognise the standard approach of resume + interview + reference check doesn’t provide enough accurate information for successful selection of the BestFit™ candidate for a role or organisation.

One Size Fits None

Over the last financial year we assessed 20,000 people. Unlike other assessment providers we are vendor neutral; this means our Registered Psychologists can prescribe the most appropriate assessment based on your requirements using a combination of psychometric tests developed by global assessment providers as well as our own proprietary assessment tools.

We work closely with our clients by communicating regularly, offering detailed updates and reporting as well as fast and efficient resolution of queries throughout. Our team of thirty psychologists nationally are supported by expert HR consultants as well as recruitment specialists and we offer an unrivalled ability to flex our service to your needs. We can scale up as required, with minimal notice, or offer self-sufficient delivery models transferring our capability to your HR team.

Vendor Neutral Assessment Platforms

As a vendor neutral assessment provider, the breadth of assessments we utilise includes both proprietary tools unique to Chandler Macleod Group, as well as leading international tools.



Assessment Design

Our Assessment for Selection and Development tools and methods are tailored to your specific needs at each level of your organisation, ranging from automated assessments for high volume requirements and semi-skilled roles, through to premium assessments for senior executives.

Blended Assessments are a combination of Premium and Automated Assessments. Being most suited to middle management and graduate positions, blended Assessments provide the efficiencies of automated assessment, combined with psychologist interpretation of key considerations for the role, the team and the environment - useful for selection, onboarding and performance management of the individual.

Volume Assessment Centres

Our Registered Psychologists prescribe the most appropriate assessment based on your requirements using a combination of psychometric assessment tests developed by global assessment providers as well as our own proprietary assessment tools. We also provide standard and custom reporting options including reports written by our Registered Psychologists.

Experts in project management of large scale recruitment campaigns, our team utilise proven best practice assessment methodologies to ensure that you successfully hire the best suited candidates for your business now and into the future. In the last year, our team managed over 35,000 applications and successfully supported the placement of over 3,000 candidates for roles in Australia.

Safety Assessment

Contemporary psychological research indicates that an individual’s likelihood of injuring themselves or causing an incident in the workplace is highly correlated with their attitude towards risk taking, personal responsibility for safety, stress management, drugs and violence.

Safety psychometric assessments are predominantly used for two main purposes, selection and development. When used for selection, safety assessments are a time and cost effective method for identifying individuals who at significantly more at risk to be injured or involved in an incident while at work.

Our Safety Assessment Tools

  • Revelian Work Safety Assessment

  • Situational Safety Awareness Inventory

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