MSP (Managed Service Provider) and RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) means that you can outsource the entire recruitment process through Chandler Macleod.

MSP and RPO solutions are most suitable for those who always have a full diary and a never ending to-do list. Are you too busy doing your job to worry about taking the role of recruiter? Chandler Macleod are here to help reduce any unnecessary stress when it comes to hiring quality talent. Through MSP and RPO, we are able to cater the hiring process to the needs of each customer and find the best way to save you time and resources whilst also reducing costs.


Catering to Contingent Workforce Mangement


Focusing on Permanent Workforce Solutions

In both instances, Chandler Macleod can work with your company to truly understand what you need and recommend the best strategy. We will assist in planning ahead, engaging the perfect candidates, supporting the selection process, all recruitment requirements, retention plans and transitioning your employees when it’s time.

What can an MSP or RPO solution do for you?

  • Full management of the application to onboarding process (if required)

  • Supplier management

  • The ability to blend MSP and RPO solutions

  • Flexibility to use MSP or RPO on select projects


The benefits

  • Extensive and in depth talent sourcing and resources

  • Innovative management technology

  • Cost savings

  • Streamlined processes

  • Efficient use of time

  • Precise market insights

  • Decreased risk

  • Full transparency

  • Flexibility throughout the process

We also have SOW solutions available through Leaders IT Services.

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