To Safety

At Chandler Macleod Group, Safety underpins everything we do. Our range of safety services has grown to better support you to plan, source, assess, develop and manage for optimum Workplace Health and Safety. We are proud to have created safety programs for some of Australia's most iconic companies and we understand that a successful workplace safety strategy needs to go beyond issues of legal compliance - real safety is not just ticking boxes, it’s capturing the hearts and minds of the staff that must carry it out, every working day.

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To BestFit™

Chandler Macleod Group was built on psychometric assessment of employees and candidates to ensure we plan for, source, assess, develop and manage the best possible people for the role, organisation and environment; thereby increasing not only the performance level in that position, but also the average level of performance across the organisation. This effectively maximises engagement and productivity while decreasing costs associated with turnover and poor performance.

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To Diversity

Chandler Macleod Group believes that every person, team and organisation has potential. We believe we are the best people to help them unleash it. We believe that if individuals unleash their potential, teams benefit, organisations benefit and our country benefits.

With this statement comes obligations and we believe in unleashing the potential of our perse workforce, customers and all of our stakeholders in an environment that is free of discrimination, harassment, bullying and any other unlawful behaviour. We promote respect and fairness.

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To Privacy & Security

Your security and privacy is important to us. We will ensure that we take all measures to protect the information of candidates, clients, suppliers and employees.

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To the Community

Chandler Macleod Group is committed to unleashing potential in individuals, teams and organisations. This includes a commitment to unleashing potential in the communities in which we operate.

Our particular focus is on unleashing the potential of Indigenous Australians and disadvantaged youth, to assist members of these groups to improve their opportunities for employment. We provide both financial assistance and pro-bono services to support this focus.

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To the Environment

Chandler Macleod Group is committed to improving our environmental performance and reducing organisational contribution to climate change and environmental degradation. Our Environmental Policy is applicable to all Chandler Macleod employees. It applies to all our offices across Australia, our travel within Australia and flights to international destinations.

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