A proven approach in a competitive market

Whether your organisation is experiencing ongoing demand for talent or preparing for the economic upswing, one thing is certain – global competition for valuable skills is only going to intensify.

In a competitive market, we know it is critical to make the right people selection decisions quickly. So we recognise the temptation to skip psychometric assessment, in order to speed up the recruitment process.

However, the most successful organisations and recruiters know that they need to delve increasingly deeper in order to understand an individual’s fit for the role and the environment in which they will ultimately work. Utilising the standard approach of resume + interview + reference check simply doesn’t provide enough accurate information to guarantee a successful hire, or the retention of high performers.

How BestFit™ works

BestFit™ recruitment includes an objective assessment of whether a person possesses each of the following:

  • The necessary skills, abilities and experience to perform the job to the required standard

  • The right level of motivation to do the job

  • The personality type to fit within the broader culture of the organisation

Our objective is to find the candidate who is the ‘BestFit’ for the position, team and the organisational culture; thereby increasing not only the performance level in that position, but also the average level of performance across the organisation. This effectively maximises engagement and productivity while decreasing costs associated with turnover and poor performance.

As part of every BestFit™ assignment, we undertake a complete Job Evaluation, which includes analysis of the organisation, the role, and the person. We produce a Job Survey Report that clearly defines the role and the organisational context, identifies the required outcomes and Core Competencies, and defines the Key Selection Criteria.

Using a combination of competency analysis, behavioural interview techniques and our proven web-enabled psychological assessment methodology, the tailored recruitment process we design for you will identify candidates who match your performance blueprint. You will meet only those candidates with the right knowledge, skills, motivators, style and abilities.

Recognising that different roles within client organisations carry varying levels of strategic importance, Chandler Macleod offers a flexible approach to accommodate differing job categories – without compromising rigour. Chandler Macleod is unique in being able to screen and recruit against desired attitudes as well as competencies.