Protecting your most precious investment – your people

The consequences of neglecting safety in the workplace include high social and financial costs in the form of higher workers compensation claims and premiums, increased commercial and legal risk to senior managers, and downturn in productivity. Less measureable, but no less important, is the impact that neglecting safety can have both on staff morale, and on the reputation the company portrays to its internal and external stakeholders.

Going the extra mile to ‘Think Safe, Work Safe, Go Home Safe’

Chandler Macleod Group’s dedicated Work Health & Safety team is always looking for innovative and imaginative ways to get the safety message across. Some of the initiatives we have introduced on behalf of clients across an array of industries have included:

  • SMS Injury Alerts

  • First Three, Injury Free system

  • Monthly Safety Surveys and Feedback forms

  • Presentations at high-risk workplaces

Our work in Safety takes in all levels of staff, from front line workers through to senior management, and in many instances, we have placed our consultants on-site at clients’ workplaces.

Services to keep your workplace safe

It’s common knowledge that safe working environments provide businesses with benefits beyond injury management, including enhanced productivity, employee engagement and quality of work, and reduced absenteeism and unwanted turnover – all of which have a substantial impact on the bottom line.

What would it mean to your business if you could objectively assess a potential employee’s propensity to work safely, before you hired them? Chandler Macleod has identified the best of the best in safety assessment tools, including:

1. Pre-Employment Screening and Medicals:

Our Pre Employment Medical services are unique, offering clear reporting, fast turn-around and the comfort of knowing a qualified and experienced Occupational Health Registered Nurse will conduct the test, and it will be reviewed by a qualified and experienced General Practitioner (GP).

  • Our services include:

  • Spirometry; lung function

  • Audiometry

  • Drug and Alcohol screening

  • Functional Capacity Assessment

  • Work Cover Assessment

  • ECG, Driver and HUET assessments

2. Mobility Assessment Testing

In order to help employers manage the challenge and risk of physically suitable employees for blue collar roles, Chandler Macleod Group has developed (in partnership with occupational therapists) a pre-employment functional test called the Mobility Assessment Tool (MAT). This tool screens applicants for restricted physical capability and pre–existing conditions.

3. A range of Safety Assessments

Our safety assessments are carried out by our experienced registered psychologists, who recommend the best safety assessments for your business based on your individual needs, and following rigorous independent assessment by our Research and Development team. Through our safety assessment tools, we provide clients with the ability to understand a potential employee’s:

  • Tendency to engage in risk taking

  • Ability to identify hazardous circumstances

  • Capacity to respect and care for their colleagues and encourage safety through leading by example

  • Ability to evaluate options before making risky decisions

  • Beliefs and attitudes towards accident prevention

  • Tendency to take safety precautions

  • Ability to take personal responsibility for maintaining a safe working environment

  • Attributes which influence an employee’s willingness and ability to work in a safe manner.

Safety @ CMG

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