Chandler Macleod is committed to improving our environmental performance and reducing organisational contribution to climate change and environmental degradation.

We will achieve this by:

  • Complying with all applicable legal and other environmental requirements

  • Reducing or offsetting our greenhouse gas emissions

  • Implementing waste minimisation initiatives throughout our organisation

  • Minimising our water usage

  • Promoting efficient transport solutions for staff commuting to work and implementing initiatives that reduce our air transport impacts

  • Engaging our staff, casual on hire employees, clients, suppliers, contractors and interested third parties by encouraging participation in environmental sustainability

  • Reducing our carbon footprint within the Chandler Macleod Group

  • Developing a sustainable procurement policy

This policy is applicable to all Chandler Macleod employees. It applies to all our offices across Australia, our travel within Australia and flights to international destinations.

Our activities will be based on the principle of continuous improvement and where environmental impacts cannot be avoided, we will mitigate them.