Are You in the Right Job?

Are You In The Right Job

With holidays and the chance to relax and reflect right around the corner, now is the perfect time to reassess your career path. Does your job bring you the fulfillment you deserve? Or is it just a way to pay the bills? Here, we’ve put together some key questions to ask yourself and listed 10 signs that it’s time to make a change.

So how do you know if you’re in the right job?

Taking the time to stop and really think about your work life is essential for pinpointing areas of satisfaction and dissatisfaction.

Ask yourself:

  • Did your job allow you to grow professionally? A good way to assess this is to think about your resume – if you were to update it right now, could you add anything impressive? Think about whether you attended professional seminars or training, or worked on a new project or client account.

  • Did your job give you the opportunity to be mentored, or mentor others?

  • Did your job allow you to overcome new challenges and gain more confidence? Whether you gave a speech, facilitated a training session or took on bigger, high-stakes clients, your job should provide some tough tasks that are ultimately rewarding when achieved.

  • If someone told you they wished they had your job, how would you respond? Would you agree you were fortunate, or would you educate them on the disturbing realities of being in your work shoes?

The Signs

More often than not, we enjoy aspects of our jobs, making it difficult to determine when it’s time to move on. To help you recognise whether the positives outweigh the negatives, below are 10 signs that your job isn’t right for you.

  1. You’re not learning or growing, either professionally or personally.

  2. When you think ahead to 2017, you have nothing to look forward to or excite you, such as a new project that’s coming up.

  3. You’ve fallen into a routine where you go through the motions and do what you need to collect your pay cheque, but nothing more.

  4. You’ve noticed a drop in your performance as you feel disengaged and unfocused.

  5. You don’t feel as though your skills or expertise are valued and needed.

  6. You’re constantly complaining about your job to friends and family.

  7. Your to-do list is never-ending because you’re always procrastinating. Procrastination can denote a number of things, such as boredom, fear of failure or a skills deficiency.

  8. You are being physically affected by your job – this can include anything from fatigue to stress and anxiety.

  9. Loved ones have suggested that you find a new job.

  10. Something 

How did your self-assessment go? Will 2017 be bigger and better because a new job is on the cards? Be your very best self – check out our other advice on how you can unleash 2017

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