Chandler Macleod Group Embraces Digital Mental Health Platform to Improve Staff Wellbeing


When it comes to the wellbeing of employees, the ‘bottom line’ is not the bottom line. All businesses want their employees to return home safely to their family, friends and loved ones after every shift. No exceptions. Ever.

Almost 3,000 avoidable deaths in Australia result from people taking their own lives each year. That’s nearly 8 preventable deaths every day – that’s the bottom line.

The Cost of Keeping Quiet

It’s been reported that 6% of workers’ compensation claims in 2017 related to psychological injury, accounting for 18% of the value of workers’ compensation payments.

Add to this the endless hours of lost productivity through absenteeism, presenteeism, the impact on workplace culture, and the risk associated with people performing dangerous tasks while suffering from undiagnosed mental health conditions; the financial benefit of making improvements is major. And the costs of ignoring the issue run into billions.

‘All of Me’: An Effective Workplace Mental Health Initiative

In conjunction with Edith Cowan University, Chandler Macleod conducted the largest ever study of the veracity of an e-mental health tool, Tap into Safety’s ‘All of me’ application.

All of Me was designed as an early-intervention software solution for the workplace. The online platform educates and increases mental health literacy, providing ‘one click away’ help and support.

Chandler Macleod initially implemented the All of Me application across WA, SA, and NT with 3,000 employees accessing training modules over a 6-month period. They have since implemented nationally across the entire internal and external workforce.

The intention was to reduce the stigma associated with mental health, train employees in mental health literacy, and promote help-seeking. The ethos was that if just one person in need reaches out for help, it will have been worthwhile. In the last 12 months across WA, SA and NT, the number of people accessing Chandler’s EAP services has increased tenfold. All of Me continues to gain interest from customers, suppliers and industry peers.

We believe All of Me to be an amazing e-mental health tool, which as part of a comprehensive mental health program, can start driving much needed industry improvement in this area.

Gary Whittaker, General Manager – Staffing Services WA/SA/NT, Chandler Macleod Group

It’s fair to say Chandler Macleod’s involvement with All of Me has turbo-charged the development of the platform.

Following the proactive adoption of the online mental health platform, Chandler Macleod was named as the Health Category winner in BHP’s Western Australia Iron Ore’s vendor health and safety awards. They were also shortlisted as a 2018 finalist in the Recruitment, Consulting and Staffing Association’s (RCSA) Awards in the area of safety and risk management.

Psychological wellbeing in the workplace is an area where collaboration and cooperation need to transcend competition. The bottom line is, businesses need to put mental health at the top of the agenda.

To learn more about the All of Me application and how it can help improve your business’s mental health culture, contact Chandler Macleod today.

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